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Bundled Up

November 28, 2011

When you get into indie publishing and e-books, you quickly find out about the concept of bundling. The idea is, you release some stories (the word “story” here stands for “book, novel, novella, anti-novella, paranovel, or other published fiction”) and put them up for sale singly. Then you group some of them together and put them all under one cover and sell that as well. That collection is called a bundle, or at least most of the indie publishers I’ve met have called it a bundle. I’m gonna go with it.

Anyway, a bundle gives an author several benefits. First, you can re-sell your stories. Prolific author and e-publisher Dean Wesley Smith has a concept that he calls “The Magic Bakery,” wherein he says that each story you write can be compared to a pie. But this pie is magical: you can slice pieces off of it to sell and still have the pie left. As a fer’instance, my story Exchange can be found online as a stand-alone story for $2.99. It can also be found in the short story collection More Variations along with four other stories for $4.99. It will also be one of the stories in a larger bundle that I’ll release soon called Multiple Variations, a collection of ten stories for $8.99.

See what happened there? The same story is for sale in three different ways. No one’s getting cheated; what’s happening here is that you appeal to different audiences with each bundle. Some people want the single, stiff shot (heh, erotica writers get lots of double entendres in their lives), and some people want more at one go. Both of those people are satisfied, and both of them make me money.

A second benefit is that a bundle might help some of your lesser-selling stories. They’re placed with a variety of others, including stronger works, and it makes the weaker ones look good. Plus, if you have a story that’s not selling at all, at least it helps create a bundle that might get to a different audience.

There are different bundle sizes, too, of course. I like to stick with five stories. Being me, that’s a wide range of story sizes, but they still work just fine. Most of my stories sell for $2.99, so I figure a bundle of five is a bargain no matter which way you go.

Checking my work:

Currently editing “How a Hero Overcomes,” my fifth Aegis Chronicles story. Once it’s done, I’ll post it and then bundle all five stories together and post them as the Aegis Chronicles, Vol. 1. See how this works?

Finished and awaiting editing: Short dragon-based paranormal erotica, short fantasy-based TG erotica. See you soon!

Quick reminder about my current special. You can get a free copy of my newest Aegis Chronicles story at Smashwords for free until the end of January. Just follow the link and enter the coupon code CH27L when you put the book into your shopping cart for a free copy of How a Hero Saves the City.

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