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How I Got Started

December 4, 2011

A bunch of the erotica writing community gets together and shoots the breeze on a pretty regular basis, and one of the questions that came up was “What got you started writing (e-publishing, etc) smut?” So I answer as follows.

There was an entire year of my life where I was thirteen. I remember riding the bus to school, which was ten miles away at the time, and during one of those bus rides some upperclassman started showing around a drawing of a naked woman. It had never occurred to me that you could just sit down and draw that kinda stuff, and since like many 13-year-old boys I was into thinking about naked chicks, I started drawing.

I quickly found out that I could not draw well enough to appease my own needs, as it were. However, I had recently discovered a budding talent for writing, so I decided to write stories about naked women instead. I never really stopped. My first one was this huge, sprawling, terrible epic about a sex goddess who bestowed her powers on humans who immediately went out and used them, etc, etc. Terrible shit. But I might go back and re-use some of it once I get over rolling my eyes about some of the stuff I wrote.

Later on I felt confident enough to start posting some of my stories to Fictionmania, which is a free site dedicated to all stories transgender. I had a dozen or so stories up there and when I started reading about this whole e-publishing thing I yoinked five of them down and turned them into my book Variations. I like to think that I’ve improved since then.

Checking my work:

Currently editing: A story about a dragon and its hoard, which is so far nameless. Then I’ll be editing another overtly TG one, and then maybe I’ll get to work on my longer unicorn story.

Quick reminder about my current special. You can get a free copy of my first major Aegis Chronicles story at Smashwords for free until the end of January. Just follow the link and enter the coupon code CH27L when you put the book into your shopping cart for a free copy of How a Hero Saves the City.

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  1. December 13, 2011 15:05


    Hi! Happy to find you here. ‘Just took advantage of your generosity and downloaded HHSTC…Thanks!

    I really appreciate it.

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