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Resolutions and Results

January 11, 2012

Wow I’ve been getting a lot of visitors to my tiny corner of the Intertubes lately. Welcome, to those visiting from TGComics. You guys rock and I appreciate the support.

New Years Resolutions generally don’t work. That’s the big joke, but we keep makin’ ’em. My resolution this year is two-fold:

1. Lose some weight. I’m a heavy guy, and I need to get healthier. I guess the resolution would be “get healthier,” but losing weight is easier to quantify in the short-term.

2. Write 2000 words a day, hell or high water, with breaks on Sunday if I need ’em. A bit weasely, perhaps, but these are my resolutions. Go get your own.

The math on this, by the way, is 2,000 words x 314 days (that’s 366 days ((leap year)) – 52 Sundays) = 628,000 words. If I go ahead and work on some of the Sundays, I can go anywhere up to 730,000 words.

Divide that by an average of about 10,000 words per story and you’ve got 60-70 stories this year.

Speaking of, I just published another one. A Desire for Dragonfire is new today. It’s not one of my TG stories, more something that I wrote for a paranormal anthology, but it’s still pretty damn hot. Dragons get that way. HAH.

Checking my work:

2000 words a day resolution is going going, and the “get healthier” one is doing better than it was last year. To quote Hurley, it’ll be a while before you wanna give me a piggyback ride.

Current project: A Valentine’s story that I haven’t named yet.

Editing: A dark Goblin Fruit sort of thing called Absolute Ecstasy. Also editing The Damn Unicorn Story (title pending).

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