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General Update (Free book!)

February 16, 2012

The writing continues. I want to thank everyone for the nice reactions I got from the “How to Ebook” entry.

I got the January royalty report from Amazon, and I’m glad to say that my streak of “increasing my revenue every month” continues!

My latest story is out. It’s a weird one, even for me, a humorous short fantasy told from the viewpoint of a dragon who doesn’t really understand humans. Of course there’s some TG goodness; this is an Avoi story, after all, and while the two of you who read “Front Desk 2AM” and “Burning Passion” know that occasionally I write non-weird smut, I try to stick with weird when I can. I was sad to see that I’d been beaten to the Cthulhu smut by several anthologies, for instance.

Anyway! The new story is called The Dragon and the (Virgin) Princess, and can be found at Amazon, All Romance, and Smashwords as usual. It’s $0.99, since it’s a short’un, but if you go to Smashwords and enter the coupon code BB34Z you can get it for free any time between now and this time next year. I want to than my friend Alex for giving me the spark of the idea that led to the story. Thanks, my little subatomic particle!

If I go to conventions, I’m totally making business cards with that coupon code on them. I thought the story was a hoot, even if it wasn’t exactly a usual Avoi story.

Checking my work:

Started and finished a story about granting wishes called, wait for it, Granted. It should be up in the next week sometime.

I actually started editing the frikkin’ unicorn story. I know by now people are starting to think, “This had better be the fucking Citizen Kane of unicorn transgender smut,” and I think that I’m safe in saying that it will be. GOD I love writing for a niche.

My sci-fi body swap story is going, but it’s kinda bogged down in a side story about a rape trial right now. I had no idea that it was going to turn into such a long story, or that it was going to be, like, serious and shit. Ah well. We soldier on.

So far this month, my New Year resolution is going nicely. 2000+ words a day, fo sho, and I even managed 2,900 or so today because I wanted to see how Granted would end.

Upcoming projects: A St. Patrick’s Day story, another St. Patrick’s Day story under a different pen name, and a retelling of the folk tale Iron John. I swore I wouldn’t do another retelling that involved an outline after writing Cat’s Black Boots, but it turned out I was wrong. The Iron John retelling will probably go into an adult fairy tale anthology as well as showing up as a separate story under my name.

Also finishing the body-swap story, which is well over 40,000 words by this time. o.O


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