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Welcome to March!

March 1, 2012

Ah, March. Gateway to April. My favorite things about March are that my brother and dad have birthdays, and Cadsbury Creme Eggs are on sale. I will give it this, though: it’s a hell of a lot easier to type “March” than “February.”

But we have other water-dwelling lifeforms to sear. As I did last month, I’m going to post my word count for February.

Word count goal for February: an even 50,000. Thanks to the extra day and lack of Sundays, etc, etc.

Words written in February: 55,091.

Stuck to New Year’s resolution: Fuck yeah I did. That is, I wrote at least 2000 words per day except on Sundays if I didn’t feel like it. Go ME. For those keeping score at home, I bought myself a bottle of whiskey to celebrate. Bushmill’s, don’t settle for anything less.

Stories published in February: 1 from another pen name, The Dragon and the (Virgin) Princess, and Enticing the Unicorn. That’s right, got the damn unicorn story finished! I actually quite enjoyed it. Remember, if you head to Smashwords and enter the coupon code “BB34Z” you can get your free copy of The Dragon and the (Virgin) Princess.

Stories finished in February: 2 from another pen name, Dragon, Unicorn, the sci-fi bodyswap one, and two more called Granted and Silken Jane. Granted will be the next one posted, most likely, and Silken Jane (a retelling of the folk tale Iron John, with rather more transgender transformations and sex) will probably show up in a collection of erotic fairy tales fairly soon. Either way, it’ll be out as a stand-alone story soon enough as well.

Works in Progress: A TG one that has to do with St. Patrick’s Day (I know, I’m behind. Sosumi.) After that, I’m going to take a stab at the Weird West with a project I’m calling Sisters In Arms in my head. Also gonna have another bundle of published stories out fairly soon. I think I’ll call it Further Variations. Themes rock.


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