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2013 In Review

January 3, 2014

SO the resolutions were to write every day, post here once a week, and get some stories out. The first one went…well, I’ll say about 90% well. The second one went GREAT, as fans of this blog can attest. Stories got out.

Why haven’t I been posting? At first it was life. I had a lot of things going on, things being planned, things happening and throwing me off-balance. When life stabilized, it was inertia. I’m afraid that I’m quite prone to not doing things if they’re not right in front of me, and I’m horrible about procrastinating. Wonderful traits for someone who wants to be in the public eye, hmm? Yet there we have it. Still, new year, so it’s a good time to get back on the horse with this blog and Twitter both.

That’s the secret, by the way. Just because you haven’t done something for a while, it feels like you can’t anymore. That’s bullshit. You just do it. Writing in particular, by the by. Exercising too, though you need to build back up to your previous levels and consult a doctor.  >.>

No reason.

Writing levels for the year! The initial goal was Between 1000-3000 a day, preferably closer to the 3000 mark. This would have left me with 365,000-1,095,000 words at the end of the year. Let’s see how Max did!

January: 45112. Average 1455/day.

February: 37121. 1326/day.

March: 63649. 2053/day.

April: 51,105. 1704/day.

May: 52,101. 1681/day.

June: 25,165. 839/day.

July: 23,910. 771/day.

Aug: 36,044. 1163/day.

Sep: 43,640. 1455/day.

Oct: 27,750. 895/day.

Nov: 60,052. 2002/day.

Dec: 34,170. 1102/day.

Total for the year: 500,819. That’s 1372 words/day on average. So that’s on the low end of the goal, and the only place to go is up!

A few notes: Yay for NaNoWriMo. My goal was actually higher than this, but I did my 50,000 words for the competition and another 10k for a side story, so I’m gonna call it a win*.

*: In all honesty, I didn’t actually finish. I wrote the final TWO parts of a seven-part series, each of them around 25k, to finish the 50k for the month. Since it’s a competition against myself more than anyone else, I consider it a solid win. The seven-part series is an urban fantasy which will be published under my real name. I’m excited and scared about it at the same time.

December’s count fell off thanks to a major ice storm that came through and knocked out our power for about a week. That power included our heat, so we basically spent a few days huddling under blankets with increasingly annoyed cats. They were not good writing conditions.

Okay, speaking of good writing conditions…it appears that Amazon is up to its old book-hiding tricks again. People have a hard time finding my stories unless looking specifically for them, which sorta cuts into my sales. This is why I’m branching out into NON-smut like my urban fantasy. I’m also experimenting with things like sci-fi that also includes sex under Maxwell Avoi, like my Planetary Union series.

I’ve put out a lot of stories, and my income is far below what it was when I half the stories up. I’m aware that part of that might be because I seemed to have abandoned this blog and my Twitter, and that’s totally on me. There are also new people joining me in the niche that is gender-swap fiction, which is awesome. Welcome! The professional part of me growls a little, since it scatters the money, but again that’s more my fault than anyone’s. I want to be clear: I’m very glad to have others here with me. Welcome again, and I look forward to writing next to you.

Currently editing: Book 3 of Planetary Union, followed by another Aegis story. I’m also plowing through the 300+ pages of my urban fantasy, which actually is a lot better than I remember it being. It’s good enough that I not only don’t hate it, I catch myself laughing from time to time.

Currently writing: The last book in the Staying In Vegas series. Things get weird.

Thanks for sticking with me, those who have. To those finding this blog for the first time, hi! I’m Max. I like big boobs and gender swapping fiction. I plan to be better about posting. See you soon!

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